Through Him, With Him, and In Him
March 2017 A.D. —


It’s March already, this year seems to be flying by at a ridiculously fast pace. So far, we have been very fortunate with weather. We have had some cold spells but they seem pretty short and then followed by some really nice weather. I think that may be the reason there are so many people who are fighting illnesses. The spring time weather has made me anxious to be rid of the cold that keeps coming back. Ash Wednesday was March 1. The days of preparation of our hearts, minds, and souls for Holy Week and Easter will soon be here. This year I am participating in the Nineveh 90. If you are interested, please visit the website

Our Spring Radiothon will be April 3 – 7. We always need help, if you would like to volunteer here are some ideas: phone volunteers, meals and snacks, runners, coordinators, people to email and call their friends and parishioners about tuning in to the radiothon, and pledges! Most importantly, I ask you to consider offering Masses and holy hours for Covenant Network and our listening family as we prepare for and celebrate the Spring Radiothon.

Please call or email me if you will be praying for us. We would really appreciate having 24-hour prayer support during the radiothon, ideally in a Church or adoration chapel, or you are welcome to come here and pray during the live hours from 7am – 6pm. Would you let me know if you are able to offer an hour for the apostolate the week of April 3 – 7? My email address is or call me at the station, 314-752-7000.

Thanks so much for listening to Covenant Network. Please continue to assist us with your prayers and support, we really need them. I have had the opportunity recently to visit with people on the phone and in person who have expressed how they see the great need and importance for Catholic radio at this time. I believe we all need to study and be prepared to defend and share the Faith. This seems to be a time that others are going to be seeking Truth and we need to be able to have the answers. May God bless you!

Teresa M. Holman


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